Who I am
As I grew up in the Norwegian forests, my favorite game as a child was to jump from rock to rock and climb trees. I still enjoy doing so, but my favorite game now is animation. In 2012 I finished my three years degree in Art Direction at Westerdals School of Communication – the Norwegian sister school of the Swedish Bergs School of Communication. 
In later years I decided to settle down with my beloved life partner in Stockholm. After moving here I also had the joy of spending one year at Motion Creative at Hyper Island to tune more into movement in my work.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about my experience or if you want to discuss a project or collaboration.
I am located  in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. And yes, there are a ping pong table in the office. You are welcome to join for a game if you are in the neighbourhoods!

What I do
As the world is growing more complex, attention is the most valuable currency we have. If you manage to catch your customers attention you have only a short time span to prove your relevance.
I have specialized in finding simplicity in complexity. I find ease in seriousness. I find stories in information.
I am an animator.
Work space at Ole Utne Animation