Most of my clients are communication agencies, film studios, and startups. Depending on the need of the project I am able to take on the whole process, or to play my part in the clockwork of a bigger project.

First meeting – no strings attached
I like to start new collaborations with a first meeting without cost and no strings attached. This is to get a sense of your needs and to see if I'm able to contribute with what you need to realise your project.
Time and Budget
I've built a career on a promise to always deliver your project on time and on budget. Before the work begin we will align on this, and I will stick to it.
Idea and story writing
Sometimes my clients gives me finished scripts. Sometimes I we talk until I get the essence of what they are saying, and then I make a script from there. Most often there is a mix of the two.
Storyboard and style frames
Let the visuals begin! Storyboard is where the script is translated into a series of visual sketches. Style frames is a selection of frames from the storyboard that I draw to visually match how I picture the final movie. We play in this sandbox until everyone is excited about moving on to making the actual movie.
Illustration and animation
The next step is to manifest the vision we have created in the earlier phases. I continue drawing all the graphics and crafting an animated movie. 
As the price is pre determined and I hold you up to date during the whole process, there are never any surprises at the end of the project.
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