First meeting – no strings attached
We always begin with a meeting so that I can get a sense of your needs and have a feeling for whether ideas are sparking. Most times they are. And if the opposite are true, the project might not be for oss us to collaborate on. This is crucial to identify and act upon in an early phase.
For most of my projects there are a fixed price. Before anything start to cost we align our expectations on budget, delivery, time, process and quality. I take the responsibility to raise a flag if our process goes astray so that we can re navigate within the frames of budget and time. Discussion different directions and design references is also a part of the budget phase.
Sometimes my clients gives me finished scripts. Sometimes I we talk until I get the essence of what they are saying, and then I make a script from there. Most often there is a mix of the two.
Storyboard and style frames
Let the visuals begin! Storyboard is where the script is translated into a series of visual sketches. Style frames is a selection of frames from the storyboard that I draw to visually match how I picture the final movie. We stay in this phase until everyone is exalted about moving on to making the movie we have envisioned.
I am used to have an agile process with my clients, providing frequent checkins to certify that we are on the same page. There are plenty of opportunities to correct and give input should that not be the case.
Delivery and invoicing
 As the price is pre determined and we are working closely all the way there are never any surprises at the end of the project.